What a question! People often sleep during the night. They don’t know what they miss: the NBA games of course! And tonight is going to be a long but very interesting night!

The first match of the night is going to take place around 1 am. A clash between the Cavaliers, irregular since the beginning of the season, and the Nuggets, who look pretty unstoppable.


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The Nuggets should win, but the Cavaliers are so unpredictable, that I wouldn’t bet… Stay away from that match!

Then, around 2 am, the Suns are going to visit the Rockets in a probably very high scoring game!
The Rockets just beat the Spurs in a very tough derby, and will probably continue their good serie against a poor team which just lost its two last games.


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Finally, around 4 am, the Blazers are going to host the Thunde, in the big clash of the night. A derby between two teams in a very good mood. It should be a high scoring game, and many stars are going to tread the pitch! Durant, Westbrook or Lilard!


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It sounds better than going to bed, right?


The Nuggets are obviously favourite. However, the Nets have won three of the last four match-ups. Even if their season is disappointing so far, Brooklyn has enough good players to beat anyone.


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Paul Pierce, Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko, and Jason Terry are all sidelined for the Nets.
The key of the game should be Brook Lopez. If he is able to dominate his direct opponent, Kenneth Faried, then the Nets can win this.
Let’s not forget that they have in their roster players like Kevin Garnett and Joe Johnson, both all stars.

Nate Robinson led the scoreline during Denver’s last game, but he is irregular. What’s more Javale Macgee and Danilo Gallinari are injured for the Nuggets.

Don’t you think the feat is possible? Specially in front of their fans!

Highlights of the last game between the two teams (which Brooklyn won):

Sure, we will. But will we ever see the MVP he used to be?

Derrick Rose will miss the remainder of the season. He just played 53 games since 2010. After two significant injuries, he won’t regain the explosiveness he used to have. He won’t be the same player, ever. I’m not even sure he will have the sufficient level to play in NBA.

He is not the first top player injured. Soon, Kobe Bryant will be back, probably on friday.

Many players promised to great carrer have been stopped by injuries. The most famous example is Greg Oden! He was selected first in the 2007 NBA draft, before Kevin Durant but played only 82 games since 2007, because of a series off leg injuries. Brandon Roy is an other example: brilliant during his rookie year, he just played 5 seasons in the NBA before retiring, because of injuries…

Nevertheless, I guess there is still hope. And I dearly hope, with all my heart and all my being that we will see both Rose and Bryant on the pitch very soon. They are legends, and legends never die.

Two days ago, it was Thanksgiving, so no NBA games! Yesterday night was pretty interesting, but very few surprises, excepting Dallas beaten by Atlanta!
What if tonight was the most surprising night, ever?

First of all, let’s take a look at that famous derby between San Antonio and Houston!


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The Spurs have one of the strongest team in the NBA. They have a record of 14 victories for only 2 defeats. They just dominated the Magic last night, without Parker. It will be a game time decision for his return to the competition.
They look pretty invincible, winning 12 of their last 13 games. Duncan has never seemed that young, and their collective way to play is just outstanding.

Houston has improved a lot since last year, and they just won 8 of their last 10 games. The duo Howard/Harden is just amazing, and they have many players able to bend the game: the revelation Omri Casspi, or the gunnner Chandler Parsons.
Even if Jeremy Lin is injured, Beverley can replace him!

It’s gonna be a very tough game, and the odds for Houston are around 3.00! Worth a try!

Now, what if the Nets woke up? They have to take a very tough trip to Memphis, to face the Grizzlies.


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Memphis has suffered a lot during the start of the season, but has improved and now appears as one of the better team in the NBA. Their defense is just crazy, and they never give up. They approach every games with the same mentality: fighting on every balls, every possessions, and every actions. Even if Gasol is injured, they can count on Randolph, Koufos or Allen, back from suspension.

In the same time, the Nets continue to disappoint. They have to show a sense of urgency. They have to trust each other and trust the system and what they are doing. Lopez is back from his injury, but Kirilenko and Terry remain sidelined.
The odds for Brooklyn are around 4.50, but don’t you feel the miracle possible?

Yeah, right, I’m not one of those people who listen to the sports commentators. Okay they give a running commentary of the game in real time, but I don’t need them to understand what is happening on the TV screen.
What’s more they often make mistakes: pronunciation of the players’ names, even of the teams’ name. This is sometimes nearly a calvary…

Some don’t even know what they are talking about. So, instead of suffering this torture, I prefer listening to music. I can give you some examples of music providing much more emotions than the commentators’ voices. I would like to start with one of my very favorite music. An old song I just rediscovered few days ago. A french song, so you may not understand everything, but believe me, the lyrics are just outstanding:

In the same kind, I may recommend that one, still in french:

And I should conclude with an english song, at last!

Much better than any sport comments isnt’t it?


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Mikhail Prokhorov, the owner of the Brooklyn Nets is ready to do anything to win that title. He showed his ambition during the summer, adding Garnett, Pierce and Terry to his team. He will have to pay a very expansive “luxury tax”, but those arrivals should lead the Nets to the Graal.

Those men have enough experience, talent and motivation to turn Brooklyn into one of the best team ever. Thanks to them, we are able to admire 5 all-stars at the same time on the pitch: Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, Paul Pierce, Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett.

What’s more, they have one of the strongest bench of the all league: Kirilenko came for 3.2 millions, joining Reggie Evans, Mason Plumlee or Andray Blatche. On the paper, hard to see better team. But this is one the pitch that the games have to be won.

Kidd has been nominated as coach. This is one of the main weakness of the team: he has no experience! This is his first contract in that role! He will have to deal with the big pressure on his shoulders, proving that it was not a mistake.

The adversity is also quite strong: the Heat wants to win the title for the third consecutive time, and can count on Lebron James, the best actual player, whereas the Bulls have Derrick Rose back as the Thunder has Westbrook back…

Odds for Brooklyn are around 10.00… Worth a try!

And the main question, by who?

Last year, the germans won everything: the champions league, the national championship and the national cup! A real steamroller. They humiliated Barcelona, 4-0 in first leg, 3-0 in second leg. In final, they dominated their local rival, Dortmund.
Is it going to end the same way this year? Who can defeat them?

-> Barcelona.


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The desire for revenge will be their main motivation. They have one of the best player, ever, in their roster, Messi. And this year, they seem stronger, tactically speaking. They also recruited Neymar, one of the best actual striker. They changed their coach, and they seem better, still undefeated in their national championship.

-> Real Madrid:


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They still have a very competitive roster, and they changed their coach. No more Mourinho. With Ronaldo, they can beat anyone. Nevertheless, their defense seems to be a bit shaky. And Khedira is injured, big blow for their midfield. They also lost Callejon and Higuain, both gone to Napoli.

-> Paris:


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Paris is one of the new hype on the international scene. With the money brought by the Qataris, they built a very competitive roster. They have one of the best pair of strikers, with Cavani and Ibrahimovic. They also count on their defense, with Thiago Silva! The best actual defender.

-> Chuck Norris:


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What if Chuck was our only hope to defeat the germans? After all, isn’t he invincible?


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