What a polemic question! It’s really hard to compare players who didn’t play at the same time. In the actual NBA, yes, Lebron James is the best player. No doubt. Kobe Bryant is too old, Kevin Durant is too young, so there is no real competition for him.
Lebron is the perfect player, he has nearly everything: the fades, the shots, but also the dunks and the passing. Some people put Kobe over Lebron. Why? The main difference between them is the elegance on the pitch.

James is a physical monster, whereas Kobe is much more elegant. He makes people dream, and he inspires many players. I would say that Kobe has become the player he is thanks to his work, whereas Lebron did thanks to his physic. Of course, he worked a lot as well, but Kobe is more talented.

Lebron is truly amazing, he is a great player and he is not even 29 years old. He already scored 18’000 points. He is the youngest person to win back to back MVP, and the younget NBA All-Star MVP. He is also the youngest person to score 10’000 points. He is definitly a phenomenon.

And you, what would be your choice?



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Tonight, the Pacers are going to face a big, big test against the Spurs. They are on the road, and even if they can play well, but still come away on the losing end, just like last year. San Antonio seems to be a dreadful place to play for Indiana. The hosts have won the last 10 meetings, and Indiana’s last win in San Antonio was on January, 2002! This season, the Spurs only lost one game on their floor.
This is going to be the fist game of the Spurs since Monday. Their game against the Wolves was postponed, which means that they are fully rested.

12 players, including all five starters play for San Antonio since many years. They know each other, and how to play together. This is much more than a team, this is a family. And the parents should be Tim Duncan (37 years old) and Tony Parker (31 years old).
Dany Granger is out for the Pacers, and George Hill is doubtful. That’s going to be very a very tough game, but I would bet on the Spurs.
The odds are around 1.75, worth a try!

It’s official, Kobe Bryant declared that he would be back on sunday, for the clash against the Raptors.

He embodies the Lakers’ soul, he is much more than a player, he is a legend.
One year after his injury, he will try to help the Lakers in their aim: to qualify for the play off. The team did pretty good without him, so he will need to find his place. He will probalby have to change his way of playing, he is 35 years old now, and his body is less dynamic.
Anyway, this is an important event, and anyone should feel excited to see one of the best player, ever, on the pitch again.

Sure, we will. But will we ever see the MVP he used to be?

Derrick Rose will miss the remainder of the season. He just played 53 games since 2010. After two significant injuries, he won’t regain the explosiveness he used to have. He won’t be the same player, ever. I’m not even sure he will have the sufficient level to play in NBA.

He is not the first top player injured. Soon, Kobe Bryant will be back, probably on friday.

Many players promised to great carrer have been stopped by injuries. The most famous example is Greg Oden! He was selected first in the 2007 NBA draft, before Kevin Durant but played only 82 games since 2007, because of a series off leg injuries. Brandon Roy is an other example: brilliant during his rookie year, he just played 5 seasons in the NBA before retiring, because of injuries…

Nevertheless, I guess there is still hope. And I dearly hope, with all my heart and all my being that we will see both Rose and Bryant on the pitch very soon. They are legends, and legends never die.

Yeah, right, I’m not one of those people who listen to the sports commentators. Okay they give a running commentary of the game in real time, but I don’t need them to understand what is happening on the TV screen.
What’s more they often make mistakes: pronunciation of the players’ names, even of the teams’ name. This is sometimes nearly a calvary…

Some don’t even know what they are talking about. So, instead of suffering this torture, I prefer listening to music. I can give you some examples of music providing much more emotions than the commentators’ voices. I would like to start with one of my very favorite music. An old song I just rediscovered few days ago. A french song, so you may not understand everything, but believe me, the lyrics are just outstanding:

In the same kind, I may recommend that one, still in french:

And I should conclude with an english song, at last!

Much better than any sport comments isnt’t it?

And the main question, by who?

Last year, the germans won everything: the champions league, the national championship and the national cup! A real steamroller. They humiliated Barcelona, 4-0 in first leg, 3-0 in second leg. In final, they dominated their local rival, Dortmund.
Is it going to end the same way this year? Who can defeat them?

-> Barcelona.


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The desire for revenge will be their main motivation. They have one of the best player, ever, in their roster, Messi. And this year, they seem stronger, tactically speaking. They also recruited Neymar, one of the best actual striker. They changed their coach, and they seem better, still undefeated in their national championship.

-> Real Madrid:


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They still have a very competitive roster, and they changed their coach. No more Mourinho. With Ronaldo, they can beat anyone. Nevertheless, their defense seems to be a bit shaky. And Khedira is injured, big blow for their midfield. They also lost Callejon and Higuain, both gone to Napoli.

-> Paris:


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Paris is one of the new hype on the international scene. With the money brought by the Qataris, they built a very competitive roster. They have one of the best pair of strikers, with Cavani and Ibrahimovic. They also count on their defense, with Thiago Silva! The best actual defender.

-> Chuck Norris:


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What if Chuck was our only hope to defeat the germans? After all, isn’t he invincible?

Life is a game, just like poker. You can bluff, but how and when?
The first rule is to know your adversary! And don’t give him clues about your intention. In poker, it is called “Tells”.
Let’s see in what situation bluffing can be useful.

-> When you try to get a job! “I have to be honnest with you: I have other very interesting proposals.”

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-> When you may have to fight! “Be careful, I used to be a great judoka. And a great karateka as well.”

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-> During a police control! “You really want to do this? I used to work for the Home Office.”

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-> When you’re trying to seduce someone! “You’re July right? No? Oh Mary maybe? Still not… Hmm… Kate? Oh well, it doesn’t matter, just write your name and your phone number on that paper.”

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-> During a scrabble party! “Oh, you don’t know the word fffizzq? It’s a marine predator!”

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