Is James the best player ever?

What a polemic question! It’s really hard to compare players who didn’t play at the same time. In the actual NBA, yes, Lebron James is the best player. No doubt. Kobe Bryant is too old, Kevin Durant is too young, so there is no real competition for him.
Lebron is the perfect player, he has nearly everything: the fades, the shots, but also the dunks and the passing. Some people put Kobe over Lebron. Why? The main difference between them is the elegance on the pitch.

James is a physical monster, whereas Kobe is much more elegant. He makes people dream, and he inspires many players. I would say that Kobe has become the player he is thanks to his work, whereas Lebron did thanks to his physic. Of course, he worked a lot as well, but Kobe is more talented.

Lebron is truly amazing, he is a great player and he is not even 29 years old. He already scored 18’000 points. He is the youngest person to win back to back MVP, and the younget NBA All-Star MVP. He is also the youngest person to score 10’000 points. He is definitly a phenomenon.

And you, what would be your choice?


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