What are the greatest jerseys in the NBA?

Teams in the NBA often change the style of their jerseys. For worse or for better. It’s a big part of the teams’ marketing.
Let’s see what teams have the greatest jerseys in the actual NBA!

5- Washington Wizards


Image credit

Very gallic colors! Blue, white and red, just like the french flag! Since the team decided to change its jersey, the resultats are going better! Coincidence? I think not!

4- Boston Celtics


Image credit

Definitly not my favorite team but what a beautiful jersey! The green is the color of hope, and their symbol is the clover. What’s more logical than a green jersey then?

3- Miami Heat


Image credit

Not so much to say, this is the champion’s jersey. Classical, this is nearly the same than last year. The roster didn’t change that much, so did the jersey! Continuity… What a good idea.

2- Los Angeles Lakers


Image credit

A legendary jersey for a legendary team. What’s more we should probably see Kobe Bryant wearing it very soon.

1- Brooklyn Nets


Image credit

And the winner is… Brooklyn! Don’t talk, just admire. What a perfect black color!


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