Can Brooklyn stop Denver?

The Nuggets are obviously favourite. However, the Nets have won three of the last four match-ups. Even if their season is disappointing so far, Brooklyn has enough good players to beat anyone.


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Paul Pierce, Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko, and Jason Terry are all sidelined for the Nets.
The key of the game should be Brook Lopez. If he is able to dominate his direct opponent, Kenneth Faried, then the Nets can win this.
Let’s not forget that they have in their roster players like Kevin Garnett and Joe Johnson, both all stars.

Nate Robinson led the scoreline during Denver’s last game, but he is irregular. What’s more Javale Macgee and Danilo Gallinari are injured for the Nuggets.

Don’t you think the feat is possible? Specially in front of their fans!

Highlights of the last game between the two teams (which Brooklyn won):


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