How to bluff in your life?

Life is a game, just like poker. You can bluff, but how and when?
The first rule is to know your adversary! And don’t give him clues about your intention. In poker, it is called “Tells”.
Let’s see in what situation bluffing can be useful.

-> When you try to get a job! “I have to be honnest with you: I have other very interesting proposals.”

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-> When you may have to fight! “Be careful, I used to be a great judoka. And a great karateka as well.”

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-> During a police control! “You really want to do this? I used to work for the Home Office.”

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-> When you’re trying to seduce someone! “You’re July right? No? Oh Mary maybe? Still not… Hmm… Kate? Oh well, it doesn’t matter, just write your name and your phone number on that paper.”

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-> During a scrabble party! “Oh, you don’t know the word fffizzq? It’s a marine predator!”

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