What a polemic question! It’s really hard to compare players who didn’t play at the same time. In the actual NBA, yes, Lebron James is the best player. No doubt. Kobe Bryant is too old, Kevin Durant is too young, so there is no real competition for him.
Lebron is the perfect player, he has nearly everything: the fades, the shots, but also the dunks and the passing. Some people put Kobe over Lebron. Why? The main difference between them is the elegance on the pitch.

James is a physical monster, whereas Kobe is much more elegant. He makes people dream, and he inspires many players. I would say that Kobe has become the player he is thanks to his work, whereas Lebron did thanks to his physic. Of course, he worked a lot as well, but Kobe is more talented.

Lebron is truly amazing, he is a great player and he is not even 29 years old. He already scored 18’000 points. He is the youngest person to win back to back MVP, and the younget NBA All-Star MVP. He is also the youngest person to score 10’000 points. He is definitly a phenomenon.

And you, what would be your choice?



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Few days ago, the Pistons accomplished a feat: they beat the Heat! Tonight the two teams will face each other again in what is going to be a very tight game.
Miami is the top shooting team, and they play very well. Their roster has never been that strong, and they count on their starts, “the three amigos”, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

The Pistons currently hold a 10-10 (10 wins/10 defeats) record. They have shown signs of being a good team, but they also showed signs of being a bad team. Last night they beat the Bulls (92-75), with 33 points for Brandon Jennings. Meanwhile, the Heat (15 wins/5 defeats this season) is coming off a big win against Minnesota (103-82). James achieved his third double-double of the season. Wade’s return made the difference.

Both teams can defend well, and both teams are going to play that match very seriously. So, for me, it’s going to be a low scoring game. Under 201 points with odds around 1.90 is worth a try!


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The Knicks won two consecutive games after dropping nine loss, and they renewed with optimism. They are coming off their two best games of the season, against the Nets and the Magic. The picture is not all bright however.
They faced poor opponents, the Magic had to deal with several injured players, and the Nets know their worst start of the season since ten years.
What’s more, Chandler is still injured, and without him, the defense seems shaky. They scored a lot of points from downtown, and that can’t work everytime, too unpredictable.

The Celtics are at the top of the Atlantic division, despite already experiencing losing streaks of four and six games in the first month of the season.
They beat the Nuggets at home on friday, thanks to Crawford (22 points) and Bradley (18 points). Rondo, their best player could be back.
Kris Humphries is back and can contribute a lot off the bench. He’s seen increased minutes with Kelly Olynyk out with an injury.

The teams are meeting for the first time since the Knicks beat the Celtics in six games last season in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals. The desire for revenge will be a boost for the Celtics. With odd around 2.80? Worth a try!


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Tonight, the Pacers are going to face a big, big test against the Spurs. They are on the road, and even if they can play well, but still come away on the losing end, just like last year. San Antonio seems to be a dreadful place to play for Indiana. The hosts have won the last 10 meetings, and Indiana’s last win in San Antonio was on January, 2002! This season, the Spurs only lost one game on their floor.
This is going to be the fist game of the Spurs since Monday. Their game against the Wolves was postponed, which means that they are fully rested.

12 players, including all five starters play for San Antonio since many years. They know each other, and how to play together. This is much more than a team, this is a family. And the parents should be Tim Duncan (37 years old) and Tony Parker (31 years old).
Dany Granger is out for the Pacers, and George Hill is doubtful. That’s going to be very a very tough game, but I would bet on the Spurs.
The odds are around 1.75, worth a try!

France will face Honduras, Switzerland and Ecuador. Compared to group B (Spain, Netherlands, Chile and Australia), group G (Germany, USA, Ghana and Portugal) or group D (Italy, England, Costa Rica and Uruguay), it seems a pretty easy group.
France is favourite and this is obviously one of the kinder draws possible. Didier Deschamps, the current manager of France, declared that it could have been tougher.
France has to play with ambition, on paper, they should qualify! That’s right, they were lucky, however luck is not enough to guarantee success.
In 2002 and in 2010, France’s group were seemingly easy, but they failed to qualify. Ecuador is a pretty good team, with players such as Valencia or Caicedo. Honduras is a bit unknown, but Switzerland is a really talented side!

As Deschamps said, “These are World Cup matches, there are no easy opponents”. This a diplomatic line, but this is also very true. Overconfidence can be very dangerous!

It’s official, Kobe Bryant declared that he would be back on sunday, for the clash against the Raptors.

He embodies the Lakers’ soul, he is much more than a player, he is a legend.
One year after his injury, he will try to help the Lakers in their aim: to qualify for the play off. The team did pretty good without him, so he will need to find his place. He will probalby have to change his way of playing, he is 35 years old now, and his body is less dynamic.
Anyway, this is an important event, and anyone should feel excited to see one of the best player, ever, on the pitch again.

Teams in the NBA often change the style of their jerseys. For worse or for better. It’s a big part of the teams’ marketing.
Let’s see what teams have the greatest jerseys in the actual NBA!

5- Washington Wizards


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Very gallic colors! Blue, white and red, just like the french flag! Since the team decided to change its jersey, the resultats are going better! Coincidence? I think not!

4- Boston Celtics


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Definitly not my favorite team but what a beautiful jersey! The green is the color of hope, and their symbol is the clover. What’s more logical than a green jersey then?

3- Miami Heat


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Not so much to say, this is the champion’s jersey. Classical, this is nearly the same than last year. The roster didn’t change that much, so did the jersey! Continuity… What a good idea.

2- Los Angeles Lakers


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A legendary jersey for a legendary team. What’s more we should probably see Kobe Bryant wearing it very soon.

1- Brooklyn Nets


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And the winner is… Brooklyn! Don’t talk, just admire. What a perfect black color!


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